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4 Wedding Shots That No Videographers in Tauranga Should Miss

Weddings are special, not only in the life of the bride and groom but also in the lives of the family and friends. The best way to capture the joyous moments of a wedding is to make a beautiful wedding film of the day. What if the videographer misses capturing the ring exchange or the first dance moment? These are priceless moments and will be cherished forever. Hence, when you hire a videographer, make it clear to them what is important to you to be captured so that they don’t miss those special moments.

You'll come across ample numbers of videographers in Tauranga. Discuss your needs about the wedding videography with them and proceed accordingly. It is the videographer’s job to capture those magic moments, to tell your love story to ensure everything is captured and retained in your wedding film to be cherished for a lifetime. A good wedding film will remain timeless and bring you back to that moment you declared your love for one another and said, “I do”.

Here's a list of wedding moments that every videographer must capture.

What are the important wedding shots that videographers must capture?

Ring exchange shot

Ring exchange is the most vital part of every wedding. A wedding videographer must always take advantage of this moment. As this is a crucial moment when the bride and groom's emotions can be recorded well.

Bride and groom shots

Some single video shots of the bride and groom are also necessary to ensure that every emotion and facial expression has been covered perfectly. In important moments like the groom getting ready and the bride getting ready, capturing the moment of transformation is vital part of telling the story of the day. You can also ask the videographer to include a short interview with the groom and the bride about their relationship. This will add a spark to the video and help tell your love story.

Whole ceremony site

Covering the whole ceremony site is essential. An eagle-eye view of the venue will add a cinematic touch to the wedding video. This should include the decorations, the arriving moments of the bride and groom and the candid moments of everyone present and enjoying the event at the ceremony site.

Wedding vows and romantic moments

Wedding vows and romantic moments should never be missed, no matter what. They are the best ones, and every bride and groom get to relive the moments through their wedding film. Ask the videographer to include candid moments with the loved ones to complete the film in its true sense.

Wilderness Films have a team of wedding videographers in Tauranga who will capture and create some of the best and most romantic wedding film in the Bay of Plenty. For the best wedding videography experience and to get the best wedding film of your special day, contact Wilderness Films.

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